Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Fortisium was founded on the mission to make quality products across multiple sectors easily available to consumers across North America. We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of products offered, our competitive pricing as well as our excellence in customer service. Our current product focus is in the health food, hygiene, cosmetic and technology sectors but we are constantly evolving and always looking for new ways to keep our customers happy. The highlight of our offerings during these times of COVID-19 is our end-end next level sanitizing suite of products. From ultra hydrating sanitizers to one-of-a-kind modular stands, we have you covered.

We are extremely selective with the products we distribute, as well as the partners that we work with. We only work with like-minded companies with very high standards, who ultimately care about long term customer relationships. We are thankful to our amazing customers for their support and to our brilliant partners who continually amaze us with their innovation and vision, even during these difficult times. While we currently serve customers all over North America, we are continually looking to expand our footprint across the globe.

We only carry products that are a significant cut above the rest in terms of their quality, looks and functionality. Please click on the logos below to view our partners’ websites and the various products we carry and distribute. Note that the prices indicated on our partner websites are only suggested *retail* pricing, and the prices for our wholesale and distributor clients are significantly lower. We are the best in class for price, quality and service, so please reach out with any inquiries to sales@fortisium.com. We look forward to hearing from you and serving you in the best way possible.